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About the book

Have you ever felt strangely out of place? Have you ever thought you didn’t truly belong?

Weird Culture Kids is a memoir about growing up in and between different cultures and experiencing the world through international lenses. It goes deep into the author’s journey from birth to adolescence, navigating into the different cultures she lived in, encountered with and consciously chose as part of her identity. Sprinkled with conversations with other, culturally-speaking, Weirdos, this book gives insights into coping mechanisms for displacement / change / relocation / a mobile life.

Nguyen explores questions around cultures, identities and belonging, such as:

You’ll discover you don’t have to belong to a physical man-made piece of land or a nation-state. You can belong to people, cities and memories. You can belong to a shared habit, a song or a dance routine.

And most importantly, you belong in that peaceful state of Acceptance that is nested somewhere deep within you.

Ngoc (Bi) Nguyen was born in Moscow, Russia, raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, and educated in an International French school for twelve years. Aged fifteen, she moved to the United States to attend a very Connecticut boarding school. Ever since, she’s been asked this simple, yet deeply confusing question: ‘where are you from?’. Because she didn’t have any concrete answer to give, Ngoc decided to write a memoir about her identity quest.

Weird Culture Kids is her firstborn.

Today, Ngoc is committed to build an alternative community for Weird Culture Kids through her book. Her story, and that of others shared in this memoir, is a tangible proof to demonstrate that beyond her rootlessness, her tribe does, indeed, exist.

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